Shipping & returns

0. Delivery times

RDM tries to deliver every package to the customer within a period of maximum one week
This delivery time is purely indicative. 
As all of our products are handmade in Morocco the delivery time can increase with some weeks when a product is out of stock. When a customer orders a product that has to be delivered from Morocco, he or she will be notified via email and will have the possibility to renounce the order.  

1. Shipping

The products are deliverd to the customer via UPS. Delivery times are indicative and in no way binding. The order is offered by UPS at the adress of the customer. When the products are returned to UPS because UPS was not able to deliver due to reasons of the customer, the customer is notified via email and is given the possibility to choose a second delivery, provided that he pays for added administrative and logistic costs. When the client does not choose for a second delivery, or does not reply to the email, the order will be cancelled. The price payed, minus the delivery costs, will be refunded to the customer. When the products are lost during the delivery process, RDM will ship a new package if the products are still available, or will reimburse the customer. The transfer of risk of loss or damage is done at delivery.

2. Returns

A private customer has a restricted right to renounce the order. Within 14 days after the delivery the customer has to notify RDM he wishes to use this right. He can do this by sending an email to RDM checks if the customer can use this right and if so sends the customer an email with instructions on how to return the product(s).

The customer needs to send the package within 7 days after receiving the mail with instructions. If not, the right of renunciation expires.


  • The costs and risk of returning the products are at the customers account.
  • Products need to be resend undamaged, unused and complete.
  • The original invoice needs to be attached to the returned product(s). Every returned package of which the sender can not be identified will be refused.
  • Products need to be send by registered mail. The sender needs to save the ticket. Products that RDM does not receive, will not be refunded.
  • For products that are ordered/fabricated at request of the customer the right of renunciation does not apply.

When RDM receives the products, it will check whether the above terms and conditions are followed. If so RDM will reimburse the customer within 30 days after receiving the products.

When the products do not apply to the returning policy as stated above, they remain property of the customer. If desired RDM can deliver the products again to the customer, at cost of the customer.

The right of renunciation does not apply for professional customers.