set twin spoons

€19,99 Incl. tax
- Natural olive wood
- Hand crafted in Morocco
- Designed by Chabi Chic
- Size: 25cm
- 2 pieces

The Moroccan brand Chabi Chic offers an original collection of wooden kitchen utensils made in olive wood. Olive trees have been growing in Morocco for thousands of years. Non-productive trees are used to produce olive wood. The wood has a beautifully vivid pattern or "flame" giving each piece unique personality and a warm character. Each piece is hand crafted. The characteristics of the wood and the finishing's applied ensure a longevity even when used intensively in your kitchen.
Article number: 11.26.025
Delivery time: 1 week or less
Every person that has contributed to the design and creation of our products has been rewarded in an honest and fair way. All our products are 100 % made in Morocco.
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