Ceramic Ashtray - Green and white

€29,00 Incl. tax

Ceramic Ashtray - Green and white

  • Solid ceramic of superior quality
  • Hand painted with natural paint
  • Designed by Chabi Chic
  • Made in Morocco
  • Reinterpretation of the typical Moroccan ashtray
  • Shape prevents odours and ashes to fly away


A magnificent collection

The Moroccan brand Chabi Chic offers a magnificent collection of authentic stoneware combining the highest quality standards with traditional aesthetics. These beautiful items are extremely solid and will last you a lifetime. This particular ashtray is ideal for outdoors since the shape prevents ashes from being blown away.

Article number: 11.26.019
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Every person that has contributed to the design and creation of our products has been rewarded in an honest and fair way. All our products are 100 % made in Morocco.
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