Marrakshi Life

The hassle of Marrakesh suddenly vanishes when you reach the patio just below la ‘Terrasse des Epices’.

Welcome to Marrakshi Life, brand of unpretentious, hand-woven clothing with a rough edge. Marrakesh hasn’t been this bohemian ever since it lost its former status as a hippie destination.

The unconventional yet authentic style of Randall Bachner, founder of Marrakshi Life, finds its inspiration in genuine Moroccan techniques, patterns and materials. Marrakshi Life is working with textile artists and tailors in order to create an original, laid-back look with natural materials and without any frills.

This approach fits the career path of Randall Bachner, producing work outside of the mainstream as from the early 90’s on. He is able to look at things from different angles, an asset that has probably to do with his work as a fashion photographer. His photographs have appeared in internationally renowned as well as independent magazines and were exhibited in galleries in New York and Paris.

A lot can be expected from this interdisciplinary talent. The clothes might be unpretentious; the future of the brand might very well be the opposite!