Chabi Chic

Moroccan cuisine is renowned throughout the world for its rich variety of tastes and flavours and its unique identity. Upcoming brand Chabi Chic is the first Moroccan brand offering a trendy collection of tableware combining traditional elements with outstanding quality adapted to modern life (Chabi Chic tableware is extremely solid, dishwasher and microwave proof and is in compliance with western quality standards).

Chabi Chic was created when Nadia and Vanessa, two professionals in the world of home design, shared their passion for the beauty of traditional Moroccan tableware and decided to bundle their experience.

Their collection is entirely handmade and includes mugs, bowls and tajines in ceramic but also kitchen utensils in beautifully flamed olive wood. Some items in the collection are not produced by Chabi Chic but were included because of their particular nostalgic character reminiscent of popular Moroccan culture.

Genuine Moroccan tableware by Chabi Chic: a musthave for all aficionado’s of Moroccan cuisine! 

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